Royalty Free Music for Videos

Royalty Free Music License

Royalty-free music is not the same as free music or no-copyright-music. Yes, some royalty-free background music is free for commercial use, but for a lot of royalty free production music you have to pay. Nothing wrong with that, music producer like me also wanna make a living.

Pay Once, Use Forever
In a traditional “rights managed” licensing structure, music licenses can be much more complicated, expensive and cofusing. But on Royalty-free music model seeks to simplify the licensing process by eliminating complex backend royalties and instead charging a clear and simple one-time fee, no additional fees to pay once the music has been licensed. After this single payment, you can use the music forever, without extra invoices every year, or for every copy you make, or for every medium you use.

Why Use Royalty Free Background Music?
You save time because you don't have to fill in cue sheets and can use your time for things you do like. And you save money because with music that is royalty free you pay only once instead of every year or for every medium you use or for every copy you make.

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